Report a noise problem

Find out what noise complaints we can deal with, what action we can take and how to take your own action.

How to make a noise complaint

We investigate noise to check if it’s causing a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Find out what counts as a statutory nuisance from GOV.UK.

The best way to contact our service during the week is through our online Environmental Health report form, or phone 01273 294 266 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can speak to someone face to face in one of our customer service centres.

If you want to report a car or house alarm, you may have to do this differently. Find out how to report noise from an alarm

If you report a noise complaint during the weekend, we’ll get back to you the following morning.

Noise complaints we do not deal with

We don’t deal with transport noise, but you can find out who to contact about transport noise from GOV.UK.

We don’t deal with complaints about noise in the street from the general public, except for busking, and equipment like generators. 

Find out what to do if a busker is causing a noise problem.

We cannot deal with complaints about poor sound insulation or everyday noise. This includes things like walking, talking, laughing, children playing or babies crying. 

This is because case law stops us taking action over such matters. Find out more about why we cannot deal with poor insulation and everyday noise.

Please read the information on this page carefully, to make sure we can deal with the noise issue affecting you.

Take your own action

Our involvement can sometimes make the situation worse. Especially if it's the first time the person you’re complaining about hears that there's a problem. 

Before reporting an issue, you may want to consider taking your own action.

Mediation can ease situations between neighbours. Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service offers a free and confidential helpline on 01273 700 812. You can also email

If you sell your property, you'll have to declare any complaints you’ve made to us during the selling process. 

We keep a record of all the complaints we receive and people can ask for some of this information through the Freedom of Information Act.

What we’ll do about a noise complaint

Every case is different, but in general we’ll contact the person responsible and tell them about the complaint.

If the noise continues, we’ll collect evidence by asking you to keep diaries, and sending out officers or recording equipment.

If the noise is classed as a statutory nuisance, we’ll take action in line with our enforcement policy.

We will not give your name and address to the person you complained about without your permission. But they may be able to guess who you are. 

It’s likely that we’d need to reveal your details if we take any legal or formal action.