Mediation - what is it?

Find out how mediation can help resolve issues between neighbours, how it works and how you can access mediation services.

What mediation is

Often disputes between neighbours bring out strong feelings that can make it difficult for those involved to co-operate with each other in trying to resolve a problem. Issues like noise, anti-social behaviour, pets and boundary problems can lead to ill-feeling between neighbours.

  • mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that uses a neutral third party to guide disputants towards finding a solution to their problems
  • mediation is not about deciding who is right or wrong, or about what should or should not have happened in the past
  • mediation aims to improve the present situation and to remove the stress and unhappiness that disputes can cause

How mediation works

  • a mediator will visit each party involved and listen to their view of the problem
  • if everyone is willing to try to find ways of improving things a joint meeting will be held in a neutral place with three mediators present
  • each household will have a chance to say what they need to without interruption
  • the mediator will help to find a solution which each household can agree to
  • the agreement is written down as a reminder

Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service

Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service can be contacted directly or you could be referred by a Housing Officer, Environmental Health Officer or the police.

Find out more about the local independent mediation service for Brighton & Hove.