How we report on air quality

Each year we send Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) an update on local air quality. 

The most recent report on local air quality, which Defra has appraised, is our 2020 Annual Status Report (ASR) and our 2020 Annual Status Report appendix.

You can also download archived reports.

To complement the latest ASR for a regional picture of particles and ozone please refer to the Sussex Air Pollution Monitoring Network Report.

Find more information about equalities impact assessments.

Local air quality management reports

We have to regularly create local air quality management reports for Defra. This is one of our legal duties under part IV of the Environment Act 1995.

We call designated areas where the levels of pollution are too high and do not comply with health standards Air Quality Management Areas or AQMAs. The 2020 Detailed Assessment sets out technical justification for declaration of 2020 AQMAs.

Download the legal air quality management areas order for more information.  

How we're reducing pollution from transport

In 2015 we created a bus low emission zone covering North Street, Churchill Square and Western Road.

We’ve also invested £1.45 million thanks to funding from the Department for Transport to retrofit older buses to reduce emissions. Since the 1990s the number of people using buses in the city has doubled. More people are also using active travel, like cycling and walking. 

Local bus companies have supported electric hybrid buses and regenerative braking are now used in the city.