Help improve air quality

Find out how you can help improve air quality in Brighton & Hove, including advice on saving energy and reducing vehicle pollution.

How you can help

As an individual there are many things you can do to help improve air quality. Reducing air pollution will improve the quality of life for everyone. 

Reducing air pollution often means using less fuel and energy. This can save you money.

Find out ways to save energy in your home.

The main source of pollution in the city is from road traffic. We support businesses, schools, colleges and individuals to make travel plans. 

These plans help create less pollution in our city. They’re based on more sustainable modes of transport.

During certain times of year pollution from bonfires and smoke can be an issue.

Walk, cycle, use a bus or a train

There are many cycle and bus lanes in the city to make travelling easier and quicker. 

Find everything Brighton & Hove has to offer cyclists in our cycle facilities map.

Make a work or school travel plan

If your employer, school or college does not have a travel plan, try to get them to set one up. 

This could involve: 

  • loans for travelcards
  • providing cycle storage facilities and showers
  • car sharing schemes
  • 'green fuelled' car pools
  • school 'walking buses'

Our transport planning team can give you advice on creating:

Reduce vehicle pollution

Cold engines create more pollution than fully warmed engines. Try not to use cars for short trips, especially in the winter. 

Help your car run efficiently by getting it serviced regularly. This could also save you money through using less fuel.

To help reduce vehicle emissions you can report smoky lorries and buses to DVSA.