What environmental education is

Find out how we help our schools teach pupils about the environment through a project called BHee.

How we help schools teach about the environment

Environmental education is how we teach pupils about our environment. This includes wildlife, sustainability, climate change and how to make positive changes. 

We fund a project called BHee. This project supports our schools in their journey to sustainability. 

The project includes free workshops, assemblies, teacher training and advice to local schools. Pupils can also visit local sites of ecological interest. 

It has two main strands. The first is supporting schools with the Eco-Schools process

The second is developing pupils' and teachers' understanding of the range of wildlife living in our city. 

There’ll also be support with work on energy efficiency. Workshops help teachers embed sustainability into the curriculum.

BHee is delivered by Resource Futures in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust.

For more information, send an email to katieeberstein@sussexwt.org.uk.