Get advice on flooding

Find out how to prepare for flooding, check the flood risk in your area and what we're doing to reduce the flood risk in the city.

Current updates

Find out what we’re doing to reduce the flood risk in the city and get updates on the Norton Road rain garden design consultation.

Check for flood alerts

Although Brighton & Hove is a coastal city, surface and groundwater flooding are the most common types of flood.

Surface water

Surface water is unpredictable. We cannot give direct warning for this type of flooding. Check local weather forecasts.

Visit the Met Office for local weather forecasts.


The Environment Agency checks groundwater levels. They give flood alerts for the Patcham area.

Check for flood alerts on GOV.UK.

Check flood risk maps

Flood risk maps on GOV.UK show which parts of the city are most at risk from flooding.

Report flooding

To report flooding, phone 01273 29 29 29.

If the flooding is coming from a sewer or there are visible signs of sewage, please contact Southern Water.

Report out of hours

Phone 01273 29 22 29 to report a flood emergency on weekends, bank holidays and 4pm to 8pm on weekdays.

Get flooding health advice

Public Health England provides important information about health risks caused by flooding.

Get advice from the Environment Agency on what to do during a flood

Protect your property

Use sandbags

You should make your own arrangements to protect your property from flooding. We’ll only look at requests for sandbags when people's homes are in imminent danger of flooding.

If you can’t get sandbags, you can use plastic bags or pillow cases filled with soil or sand. Find guidance on how to use sandbags from the Environment Agency.

Prepare for flooding

The Environment Agency gives information on how to:

  • prepare your property for flooding
  • complete a flood plan
  • check the 5-day flood risk forecast

Find more flood information and advice from the National Flood Forum.

Insure your property

You should talk to your insurance company about their policies.

Find advice on how to get flood insurance in high-risk areas from Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).

Who to contact about flooding

For questions about the risk of flooding from surface water maps, phone 01273 29 29 29.

For questions about the flood risk maps for the sea, main rivers and reservoirs, phone the Environment Agency’s Floodline on 08459 881 188.