COVID-19 information on animal services

Find information for pet owners, animal businesses and residents about COVID-19.

Ensuring pet owners are prepared

The RSPCA has produced a poster that can be downloaded and filled in by members of the public who have pets/animals. The aim being they will approach family/friends/neighbours who can care for their pets if they are hospitalised. This poster should be displayed in a visible place, for example on the fridge, etc so that the emergency services can see plans have already been made for the animals. 

Help and guidance for you

Dog walking: The RSPCA sets out sensible measures to ensure dogs can still be exercised with precautions taken for them and people. For example, all walkers should keep dogs on leads at this time - to help ensure social distancing, and avoid owners coming into contact with one another should they have to go and retrieve their dog or in the event of an incident as well as potential veterinary visit. Importantly it outlines information for those wishing to support key workers or those who are self-isolating or shielding by taking their pets out for a walk.  

Other animal businesses

The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) of which the RSPCA is a lead member, in liaison with Defra, has produced guidance on pet businesses and COVID-19. The guidance aims to set out what businesses should be operating, and how they should do so to limit risk around the virus. This covers commercial dog and cat boarding, home boarders, dog walkers, groomers, day care and breeding/selling of pets.

Help and guidance for residents

The UK government has provided some basic guidance for people with pets.  

THE RSPCA have provided detailed advice for people who have pets/animals to be prepared and identify family or friends who can care for them if they need to self-isolate or are hospitalised.