Brighton & Hove City Council was awarded the eCargo Bike Grant Fund from the Department for Transport in May 2020.

Since then we've supported 23 local businesses to make the switch from petrol or diesel delivery vehicles to a third party eCargo bike delivery company.

The businesses we have supported are:

  • Between Two Thorns
  • Carbo wines
  • Get Peake
  • Leonidas Chocolates
  • Madame Jennifer Distillery
  • Pen to Paper
  • ProntaPrint
  • Smarter Uniforms
  • The Fair Shop
  • The Source Bulk Foods
  • Trust for Developing Communities
  • Wick Candle Boutique
  • Nutritious Fish
  • Phohm
  • Cloud 9
  • WRAP
  • The Resource Centre
  • The Edit
  • Koska
  • The Lucky Cat Company
  • Team Domenica Café
  • Katie's Tonix

Through engaging with businesses: 

  • around 300 have been identified as potential benefactors of eCargo bike deliveries
  • almost 100 have been engaged and 50 or more have expressed a strong interest in switching from petrol or diesel vehicles to eCargo bikes for local deliveries
  • support and guidance helped 2 to purchase their own eCargo bikes
  • eCargo bike cycle training has been delivered to 2 others

To date, over 10,000 miles have been cycled using eCargo bikes to deliver services and goods across the city. That equates to over 3,500kg, or 3.5 metric tonnes of CO2, saved by businesses using eCargo bikes.

If your organisation is interested in switching from petrol or diesel vehicles to eCargo bikes for deliveries, send an  email to to find out about our eCargo bike subsidy.