Find out about the different ways that businesses can use eCargo bikes.

This information is provided courtesy of MP Smarter Travel.

Courier supplier switch

Business switches to a courier that uses eCargo bikes for ad-hoc quick turnaround deliveries.

Inbound goods supplier switch

Business changes their supplier of inbound goods to one that delivers by eCargo bike.

Customer-led supplier behaviour change

Business convinces an existing supplier to use eCargo bikes (the supplier either procure an eCargo bike or use a third party distribution service).

Third party goods collection

Business uses a third-party courier to collect goods from existing suppliers who don’t currently offer deliveries by eCargo bike.

Inter-site shuttling

Business uses a courier/distribution company to shuttle deliveries between their own outlets/sites. 

Grey fleet replacement

Business supply’s their employees with eCargo bikes as a replacement to their existing private vehicle.

Multi-tenant outbound consolidation

Multi-tenanted office has tenants consolidate their deliveries, with items distributed by a single eCargo bike operator in a multi-drop journey.

Micro-consolidation, last mile & first mile

eCargo bikes complete the last and/or first mile of delivery between a consolidation centre and a supplier.

Market creation

A local authority contacts supplier of goods that are likely to be in demand by local businesses, who don’t currently distribute their goods by eCargo bike. The supplier either procures a cargo bike or use a third party service. The local authority then adds them to a eCargo bike directory and encourages target businesses to switch to them as a supplier.

eCargo bike fleet and operation

Business leases or buys their own eCargo bike(s) and operates them themselves.