Brighton & Hove Adult Autism Strategy in easy read

An easy read version of the Adult Autism Strategy.

A drawing of a child looking at a mirror. The chid on the outside has long hair and a shirt with stripy arms. The drawing of the child on the inside of the mirror has short hair and a lanyard around their neck. The mirror child is wearing a hoodie. Around the mirror are quotations including: "Why are you so sensitive?", "Why don't you show more emotion?" and "Why do you find it so hard to communicate?". The mirror image of the child is saying "now I understand".
Picture 1 - Two black squares which each have a drawing of a person inside. The first person looks overwhelmed with eyes that are circles inside of circles. The second person looks happy and has a speech bubble next to them. Picture 2 - A black and white drawing of a though bubble cloud with arrows going in and out. The bubble is surrounded by symbols such as smiley and confused faces and swirls.
A drawing of a blue figure sitting on the ground on top of a black circle. There are blue and purple sharp lines and shapes coming out of their body in an abstract style.
Picture 1  - A cartoon of a person who looks confused. There is a speech bubble from someone of screen with squiggles and hash tags inside it. The person has a thought bubble coming from them with speech bubbles inside it and a question mark. Picture 2 - 2 people in conversation.
A comic style drawing with three different scenes. In one, there is a person who is rocking and looking scared of black arms with talons that are coming towards them. In the second scene, a person sits at their desk in front of a drawing of a rainbow. They appear happy and are waving their hands. In the third scene a feminine person wearing a pink dress is twirling. Above them is a thought bubble of a feminine warrior with long blond hair in front of an archer and a second figure with long blond hair.
A drawing of a person sitting in a tunnel with many eyes and blank figures looking at them. The person has their hands to their chest and is sitting on the floor. They do not have a face and there is a broken mask on the floor in front of them.
Picture 1 - A cartoon of a child holding an umbrella. It is raining. The child has a blank expression on their face. Picture 2 - a person showing many worries.
A person holding a sign in front of Royal Pavilion. The sign states 'there is the perception amongst local autistic people that there is likely to be a significantly larger autistic community in Brighton & Hove'.
3 people working on a data chart.
Pile of books with text 'Plans' on the cover.
Picture 1 - A group of people building a bridge together. There is black text above the bridge stating 'we all want to work together to make things better for autistic people'. Picture 2 - 6 people in a group working together.
Report file.
Person at a computer filling out a survey.
Group of people sat around a table looking at a laptop.
Progress pride flag. Woman in wheelchair on ramp. Group of 5 BME people.
A photo of a person in a wheelchair pointing at themselves. Next to the person is a document with the British coat of arms which states "Equality Act".
Picture 1 - A cartoon of two figures with short hair on a purple background. One figure has their hand next to their ear as if they are listening. The other figure has a speech bubble from them stating 'I am listened to and believed as an autistic person'. Picture 2 - Two figures holding a sign. One person has a beard and is wearing a turban and the other has a cap. The sign they are holding states 'Nothing about me without me - led by autistic people'. Picture 3 - mother and daughter
The number 6.
A drawing of a white person with long dark hair sitting down with their arms crossed and their knees held against their chest. They look sad and have their head rested on their arms.
A cartoon of different images. The first image is a person on the beach looking overwhelmed next to some musical notes. The second image is a person drinking a drink at a table in the lanes. They are sighing. The third image has writing saying 'parade' and has someone looking stressed.
Man pointing to empty pocket.
House and garden.
Two people arguing.
Picture 1 - A black and white drawing of hands holding a piece of paper. The paper says 'not neurodivergent enough' and has a sad face and three crosses. Picture 2 - A cartoon of a person talking on a phone. The person looks distressed and is crying.
Team of professionals.
GP sitting at their desk.
A picture of a long corridor with red and blue doors on either side. There are a pair of brown hands which are overlaying the image of the corridor.
3 people standing. One person is holding their thumbs down looking sad.
Folder with the word support plan written on.
Person holding a checklist titled Needs.
A group of people next to a red cross showing they're not working together
A person in a white shirt wearing a lanyard sitting at a table. They are showing a piece of paper to a white person with short hair in the foreground.
A person in a white shirt and tie with a stethoscope sitting at a table with a book and a pen. In front of the person is a person in a dark hoodie.
6 people working together.
A black background with white text. There is a circle with a tick inside. Text next to the circle states 'made with photosymbols'.
Laptop with text 'click' on screen.