About The Learning Disability Partnership Board

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The Learning Disability Partnership Board is a group of people who work together.

They want to improve services for people with learning disabilities in Brighton & Hove.

Partner logos - Speak out, Amaze, parents and carers, Brighton & Hove City Council, Carers centre, Parent, carers council.

Members of the Partnership Board come from lots of different places such as:

  • people in charge of services at the council
  • people with learning disabilities
  • parents and carers
  • Amaze
  • Carer’s Centre
  • Speak Out
  • PaCC
  • the NHS
  • councillors
  • Job Centre
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Before Partnership Board meetings Speak Out, Amaze, PaCC and Carer’s Centre talk to people with learning disabilities, parents and carers.

Person sitting down. There is a speech bubble either side of the person. One has a hand with thumbs up. The other one has a hand with thumbs down.



They ask them what they think are the good things and the bad things about the services and support they get.

Person sitting down smiling holding an index finger up. There is a bright lightbulb next to him.



They listen to their ideas about how to make things better.

Ringbinder folder with the word titled report.



They put these ideas into reports.

The reports help managers and other people in charge of services understand what changes they need to make.

Calendar titled Meeting with a picture of 7 people sitting around a meeting table.



The partnership board meet 4 times a year to talk about the reports.

Person holding microphone talking to people.



People with learning disabilities give presentations to help members understand what the problems are.

6 people around a table looking at plans.



Then all the members agree ways they can work together to make things better.

Person holding clipboard with ticks in boxes


The partnership board check to see what things have changed.

They find out what has got better.

They look at what needs to improve

How to get involved

If you want to get involved or have a say:

Brown envelope with white paper inside titled email

send an email to 


Large blue phone with large numbers


phone 01273 421 921