Speech and language therapy for children and young people

NHS speech and language therapy service for children and young people, offering assessment, advice and support.

Speech and language therapy for children and young people is an NHS service offering assessment, advice and support. 

Some children find talking and listening harder than others. They might find it hard to understand what words and sentences mean. Some struggle to find the right words or sounds to use and to put them in the correct order to make themselves understood.

Children can have speech and language difficulties because of physical or neurodevelopmental reasons.

We can help your child develop skills like:

  • attention and listening
  • play skills
  • understanding and using spoken language
  • recognising and producing speech sounds
  • using other ways of communicating, eg using signing and symbols
  • speech fluency and stammering
  • eating and drinking

More information on what we do

How to get support from us

Most children with speech and language difficulties will be identified and assessed before they go to school. The Healthy Child Programme screens children for signs of these difficulties. If your child is at school, their SENCO or school nurse may refer them to us.

If you think your child may have speech and language difficulties, speak to your health visitor. Or speak to the SENCO at your child's school or early years provider.

If you're worried and would like more advice you can contact us directly.


  • The Children and Families Clinic, Dyke Building, Brighton General Hospital, Elm Grove, Brighton, BN2 3EW

Contact information

Opening times

Open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.




  • wheelchair accessible
  • accessible toilets
  • baby changing facilities

If you have any additional needs please contact us to see if these can be accommodated.

Other information

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