Vaccination data for Brighton & Hove

Vaccination data for Brighton & Hove is available on GOV.UK. It is updated weekly.

You can also use the interactive map on GOV.UK to find vaccination data for your area. It is updated weekly.

What the data shows

The data shows that Brighton & Hove is behind England in COVID-19 vaccination uptake. 

The population the NHS uses to calculate vaccination uptake is based on the number of people registered at a GP practice. When people move in, and out, of the city they may or may not re-register with a GP practice. This means that there can be a delay updating GP practice registers. This overestimates the true number of residents, particularly where there are mobile populations and large numbers of students. Cities like Brighton & Hove tend to have a larger difference between estimates based upon GP registration and population estimates produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

This means that the nationally published Covid vaccination uptake statistics will underestimate the true uptake in Brighton & Hove.

Calculating the data 

When we calculate uptake based on ONS data, it is usually around 10 percentage points higher. The national system reports using the GP practice systems, and that reporting mechanism can’t be changed. This does give us more reassurance that proportionally more people in Brighton & Hove are vaccinated than is showing in the national figures.