Your Council Tax bill explained

A detailed guide to your Council Tax bill to help you understand the information it shows.

 Understanding your bill

The image below shows an example of the Council Tax bill we'll send you each year, or if there are changes to your Council Tax account.

You can find detailed information about each part of the bill in the numbered sections below the image.

Council Tax bill example. Instructions included on web page.

1. This is the name of the person responsible for paying the bill, and the address the bill was sent to.

2. This is your Council Tax account number. Include this number when contacting us so we can help you as quickly as possible.

3. This is the Council Tax band for your property.

4. This shows the reason for sending the bill to you. Bills are sent every year in March, or when there's a change to your Council Tax account.

5. This is the property you need to pay Council Tax for.

6. This shows how the money collected from your bill is split between services. It also shows if you have an extra local charge.

7. This shows the dates you've been charged for and the amount for each period. Any discounts or benefits you receive will also be shown here.

8. This is the total amount of Council Tax you need to pay for the year.

9. Any money you owe from previous years or payments you missed is shown here.

10. This shows the dates your payments should get to us. Make your payment in time to avoid getting reminders. You should allow 5 days when paying by standing order, cheque or PayPoint.

11. This shows if we've increased Council Tax by any additional amount each year, to be put towards our Adult Social Care service.

12. You can use this barcode to make a Council Tax payment at a local PayPoint outlet. There's no extra charge to pay this way.