Ask us for a Council Tax refund

What to do if you pay too much Council Tax.

Council Tax overpayments

As Council Tax payments are mostly paid in advance, you might pay too much Council Tax if there's a change in your circumstances.

An overpayment can happen if:

  • you get a Council Tax discount, exemption or other support
  • you move out of your home
  • your Council Tax band changes

If you make an overpayment, your account will be in credit. We can refund this credit to you after we've checked any changes in your circumstances.

If you move from one Brighton & Hove address to another, we'll normally transfer any credit you have to your new address. If we can't do this, you can ask for a refund.

How to ask for a refund

If your Council Tax account is in credit, you can ask us for a Council Tax refund