Tell us if someone has died

Find out what to do if someone has died, and how this affects Council Tax.

Contact us

You can contact us online to let us know if someone who was living in a property has died.

If you'd like to speak to someone in person, you can call us on 01273 291291.

How Council Tax is affected

If there are still people living in the property, they'll become responsible for the Council Tax.

If there's only one person left in the property, they can apply for a single person discount.

If the property is now empty and stays empty, there'll normally be no Council Tax to pay:

  • until six months after the date probate is granted, after which the estate becomes responsible for the Council Tax
  • until the tenancy ends, if the person who died was a tenant

Other changes you need to tell us about

You should also let us know if:

  • someone moves into the property
  • the property is sold
  • legal ownership of the property changes
  • probate or letters of administration are granted

You can use our online form to tell us about any of these changes.