Council Tax for empty properties

You'll usually have to pay the full amount of Council Tax on your empty property, whether it's furnished or not.

Council Tax charges for empty properties

In most cases when your property is empty, for example between tenancies, you’ll have to pay the full amount of Council Tax.

We charge 100% extra Council Tax if your home has been empty for 2 years or more, unless it's an annexe or you're in the armed forces.

These are called long-term empty property premiums and are set up to help maximise the number of homes available in Brighton & Hove.

Upcoming changes in 2020 and 2021

The table below shows how the percentage of extra charge will be based on the length of time the property has been empty.

Length of time empty Extra charge from April 2020 Extra charge from April 2021
Over 2 years to 5 years 100% 100%
Over 5 years to 10 years 200% 200%
Over 10 years 200% 300%

When you don't pay Council Tax

You don't have to pay Council Tax on an empty property if:

  • you're selling an empty property on behalf of someone who has died - you only start paying Council Tax 6 months after you get probate
  • your property isn't on the valuation list, but we'll send you a completion notice that shows when you'll have to start paying

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