Other Council Tax discounts

Find out if you can get a Council Tax discount based on the people who live in your household.

People not counted for Council Tax

When we work out how many people live in a property, some people are not counted for Council Tax purposes.

This includes:

  • anyone under 18 years old
  • most full-time students
  • anyone under 25 training under the national traineeship scheme
  • apprentices who earn less than £195 per week before tax
  • foreign language assistants registered with the British Council
  • people with a severe mental impairment
  • live-in carers who look after someone who isn't their partner or child
  • long-term hospital patients or care home residents
  • young adults 25 years old and under leaving care in the Brighton & Hove area
  • hostel or night shelter residents
  • religious community members who have no income or savings
  • foreign diplomats

These people are called disregards, and we won't include them when working out Council Tax for a property.

Getting a discount

If you live with people who are disregarded for Council Tax, the discount to your bill is normally 25%.

If you and everyone else living with you are disregards, the discount may be up to 50%.

We'll automatically include any discounts you should get, which will be shown on the Council Tax bill we send you.

If you think you should get a discount that isn't shown on your bill, you can apply online.

Stopping a discount

If something changes in your home and you have a discount you shouldn't be getting anymore, you need to tell us as soon as possible.

For example, if someone moves into your home or someone who lives with you turns 18 years old.

Let us know if your circumstances have changed within 21 days to avoid extra charges.