Council Tax discounts for students and people living with students

Find out if you can get a student discount on your Council Tax bill, how much the discount is and how to apply.

About the discount

Before applying for a student Council Tax discount, all student households need to register for Council Tax and provide student registration details. 

If you are new to the area, or moving to a new address, you can apply for the discount as part of that process.

How much the discount is

If everyone living in your property is a full time student, none of you have to pay Council Tax during your course dates. We'll check your course dates with your place of study. You'll still have to pay Council Tax outside of these dates.

If one person in the property is not a full time student, they have to pay all of the Council Tax for the property. They can still get a 25% student disregard discount if everyone else is a full time student.

If two or more people in the property are not full time students, they are responsible for paying the full Council Tax.

Who can apply

Students must be on a full time course to get the discount.

A full time course must:

  • last at least one calendar year or one academic year
  • consist of at least 21 hours of study per week

If you're under 20 years old and completing your A-levels, your course must:

  • last at least 3 months
  • consist of at least 12 hours of study per week

Apply for student Council Tax discount

To apply you'll need:

  • your Council Tax number
  • names of all the other adults living in the property
  • name of your university or college
  • student registration numbers or certificates

Before you apply for a Council Tax discount

Check how Council Tax discounts work

Find your Council Tax number