Council Tax discounts for disabled people

If you or a member of your household are disabled, find out if you can get a discount on your Council Tax bill, how much the discount is and how to apply.

About the discount

If you or a member of your household is disabled, your council tax could be reduced by one band.

How much the discount is

If you qualify for the discount, we'll reduce your Council Tax by one band of the official Council Tax valuation. For example, if your home is in Band D, you'll pay Band C Council Tax.

If the property is in the lowest band (Band A), your council tax will be reduced by one-ninth of Band D.

Check your Council Tax Band.

Who can apply for the discount

If you are the Council Tax account holder, you can apply for the discount if you or someone you live with is disabled.

The disabled person may be of any age to qualify for the discount.

The discount can be for any member of the household who has a disability.

You’ll have to show that you have either: 

  • an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room that you need for the disabled person 
  • extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair 

We may need to inspect your property to confirm you're eligible.

Find more information about the reduction for disabilities regulations. 

Apply for a disabled person's Council Tax discount

To apply for a disabled person's Council Tax discount, you will need to tell us how the additional room meets the needs of the disabled person.

You can upload evidence from a healthcare professional to the form if you think it will help your application.

Before you apply for a Council Tax discount

Check how Council Tax discounts work

Find your Council Tax number