Contact us about Council Tax

Contact us if you have a question about your Council Tax account, or disagree with a decision we've made.

How to get in touch

It's quickest to use our online form to send us your message. 

If you're challenging a decision we've made about your Council Tax, include supporting evidence. For example, if you think the dates on your bill are wrong, include a copy of your tenancy agreement.

We'll get back to you to explain what we've decided and what you can do next.

View your Council Tax account and bills online

You can create an online account to:

  • view your Council Tax bill
  • view a full breakdown of what you owe and what have you paid
  • make changes to some details on your account

If you can't contact us online

If you can't access our online services, you can phone our helpline on 01273 291 291.

Only phone the helpline if you can't use the online form. This is to keep the helpline available for those who need to phone.