Your council tax

Your council tax pays for essential services to be delivered to all residents in the city, so it is really important that you continue to pay if you can.

Covid-19 – changes to Council Tax collection

  • if we notice households falling into arrears, we will write to them setting out the support available 
  • we have postponed all action taken through the magistrate’s courts. We want to give residents impacted by COVID 19 the opportunity to contact us and get the support they are entitled to before we restart legal action to recover unpaid tax. 
  • we may be able to agree to special payment plans where council tax is due for 2020/21 - contact us for more information
  • if you are struggling financially, we can offer advice and assistance.

However, if your circumstances haven’t changed, it’s really important that you continue to pay.

About council tax reductions

Because of COVID-19 I have applied for Universal Credit. Does this mean I will get my council tax paid automatically?

No, you will need to claim a council tax reduction separately. If you apply, and are entitled to a council tax reduction for any period during 2020/21, you will automatically get up to an extra £150 hardship fund payment. Make a claim.

I have not claimed Universal Credit but my income has gone down. Can I claim a council tax reduction?

Council tax reduction is for low incomes, not just Universal Credit, so you may be able to claim a reduction. Check your eligibility and make a claim.

You can also use the government’s benefit calculator to find out if you’re entitled to any further help.

Information about financial support for residents, including reduced council tax

As part of its response to COVID-19, the government has provided local authorities in England with £500 million of new grant funding to support economically vulnerable people and households in their local area.

In Brighton & Hove we have received £2.3m and the government has given us guidance on how we should spend it.

Most of the money will be used for people who have successfully claimed a reduction in their bill this year through our Council Tax Reduction scheme 2020/21. These people will receive an additional reduction to their council tax bill. This means they will either:

  • have nothing to pay
  • have their bill reduced by up to a further £150

Any money left over will go to boost the discretionary funds that are being used to help households in hardship because of Covid 19.

If I am waiting to hear about a council tax reduction claim or a change I’ve requested, what should I do about payment?

We would advise you to make a sensible decision regarding what you can afford to pay in the interim.

If I try and contact you will I get a response?

Like many public services, we are currently providing a limited service while we try to adapt to the lockdown. However, we are working on ways of improving our response.

Please be patient when trying to contact us by phone or e-mail.

This web page will updated regularly to give residents the latest information.