Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Full review of polling districts and polling places 2022

We are reviewing the polling districts and polling station locations that we use during an election. Any agreed changes are due to come into effect at the City Council elections on Thursday 4 May 2023. 

Why are we having a review? 

The Local Government Boundary Commission England completed their review of Brighton & Hove’s wards in October 2022. Their final recommendations have made changes to boundaries across the City. Wards are made up of polling districts. We therefore need to amend these too. We are taking this opportunity to improve our polling districts and polling places, ensuring that elections are run efficiently and that our scheme can react to the changes set out in the Elections Act.  You can read our consultation document to learn more about the principles we have used to conduct this review.

The review timetable 

The timetable for the review is set out below:  

  • Publication of notice of review, and consultation document including (Acting) Returning Officer’s proposals - Thursday 1 December  
  • Closing date for representations - Saturday 31 December  
  • Final proposal published via Agenda papers and website – 11 January  
  • Council Policy & Resources Committee meeting – approval of scheme - Thursday 19 January  
  • Revised Register Published - Wednesday 1 February  
  • Local Elections - Thursday 4 May  

What changes are being proposed? 

An interactive map of the proposals can be viewed here

You can also view our consultation document for further information on these proposals, including written summaries for each ward.

How to have your say 

The Council and (Acting) Returning Officer welcome your thoughts on our proposals. When making comments or alternative proposals, please consider the principles that we have used to develop the scheme. 

You can respond to the review in several ways:  

For your views to be considered, please ensure we receive your response by 31 December 2022.  

Notice of Review

You can view the notice of review here.

Historic reviews

Full review of polling districts and polling places 2019

Brighton & Hove City Council conducted a full review of parliamentary polling districts and places in 2019. 

The deadline for receipt of comments and representations was Friday 13 September 2019 Final proposals were published on 30 September 2019 and presented to the Council’s Policy, Resources & Growth Committee on 10 October 2019. 

The council's Policy & Resources Committee approved the following recommendations: 

  • AT and AU districts merged to form a new AU/KRCA district. 
  • EU and EX districts merged to form a new EX/KQPD district. 
  • Boundaries for GX/PHSE, GY/PHSF and GZ/PHSG districts redrawn. 
  • HZ district split amongst the surrounding districts. 
  • KT and KZ districts merged to form a new KZ/PKT district. 
  • Boundaries for NV/HGOA, NY/HGOD and NZ/HGOE districts redrawn 
  • The polling place for EU&E/KQPD as Brighton Youth Centre. 
  • The polling place for GY/PHSF as City Gate @ The Dip, 119d Hollingdean Terrace. 
  • The polling place for HT/PPAA as St Thomas More Church Hall. 
  • The polling place for KT &KZ/PSPB as Brighthelm Church & Community Centre. 
  • The polling place for LZ/PRED as Brighton Town Hall. 
  • The polling place for NV/HGOA as Ajex Hall. 
  • The polling place for NY/HGOD and OZ/HHPD as Hove Rugby Club Pavilion. 
  • The polling place for NZ/HGOE as Possibility Place. 
  • The polling place for QZ/HNPE as Hill Park School (formerly Hillside). 
  • The polling place for RX/HSPD as St Nicholas Parish Centre