European parliamentary elections - Thursday 23 May 2019

Results of the European parliamentary elections on Thursday 23 May.

European Parliament elections took place in the UK on Thursday 23 May. 

The poll and declaration of results for the South East of England was administered by the Regional Returning Officer at Southampton City Council. The results for the South East will be declared by Southampton City Council after all the polls for member states in the EU have closed on Sunday 26 May 2019.

The turnout across Brighton & Hove was 91,734. This is 46.83% of an electorate of 195,874 voters. Have a look at the breakdown of results for Brighton & Hove.

To vote in the European parliamentary elections you had to be:

  • aged 18 and over to vote (16 or over to register)
  • a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the European Union
  • either resident in Brighton & Hove or a UK citizen formerly registered in Brighton & Hove but living abroad
  • registered to vote by 7 May

EU citizens living in Brighton & Hove

Citizens of a European Union country (other than the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus), could either vote in the UK or in their home country. 

To vote in the UK, you also needed to complete a form stating you wish to vote in the UK and not in your home country by Tuesday 7 May.

South East region MEPs

These elections are held every five years in all the European Union states. The UK is represented by 73 MEPs. Under a system of proportional representation, the UK is divided into 12 regions. There are 10 MEPs for the South East region. All 10 will represent each person resident in the South East.

Everyone in the South East region (which includes Brighton & Hove) had a choice to vote for one of 12 options. These include nine parties and three independent candidates.

MEPs are elected using proportional representation. This means seats will be awarded to the party (or independent candidate) in proportion to the number of votes they win.