Brighton & Hove City Council election: May 2011

Results for the local election held on 5 May 2011.

Local elections were held on Thursday 5 May 2011. Following the election, The Green Party became the largest party in Brighton & Hove City Council with 23 seats. The Conservative Party has 18 seats and The Labour Party 13. The overall turnout was 41%. The results from the council election on Thursday 5 May are shown below. 

Seats by party

Party No. of seats
Conservative Party 18
Green Party 23
Independent 0
Liberal Democrats 0
The European Citizens Party 0
The Labour Party 13
Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts 0
UK Independence Party 0
Total seats announced so far 54  / 54

Results by ward

Ward Turnout Elected

Brunswick & Adelaide (two seats)

Electorate: 7,508

Turnout: 41.8%

Phelim MacCafferty (Green)

Ollie Sykes (Green)

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Central Hove (two seats)

Electorate: 7,000

Turnout: 42.69%

Chris Hawtree (Green)

Andrew Wealls (Conservative)

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East Brighton (three seats)

Electorate: 10,237

Turnout: 39.51%

Gill Mitchell (Labour)

Warren Morgan (Labour) 

Craig Turton (Labour)

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Goldsmid (three seats)

Electorate: 11,835

Turnout: 47.03%

Ruth Buckley (Green)

Rob Jarrett (Green)

Alex Phillips (Green)

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Hangleton & Knoll (three seats)

Electorate: 10,917

Turnout: 46.91%

Dawn Barnett (Conservative)

Brian Roger Fitch (Labour)

Tony Janio (Conservative)

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Hanover & Elm Grove (three seats)

Electorate: 11,588

Turnout: 46.69%

Matt Follett (Green)

Bill Randall (Green)

Liz Wakefield (Green)

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Hollingdean & Stanmer (three seats)

Electorate: 11,733

Turnout: 39.73%

Jeanne Lepper (Labour)

Sven Rufus (Green)

Christina Summers (Green)

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Hove Park (two seats)

Electorate: 8,045

Turnout: 46.87%

Jayne Bennett (Conservative)

Vanessa Brown (Conservative)

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Moulsecoomb & Bevendean (three seats)

Electorate: 12,161

Turnout: 31.81%

Leigh Farrow (Labour)

Mo Marsh (Labour)

Anne Meadows (Labour)

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North Portslade (two seats)

Electorate: 7,659

Turnout: 39.56%

Bob Carden (Labour)

Penny Gilbey (Labour)

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Patcham (three seats)

Electorate: 10,895


Bryan Pidgeon (Conservative)

Carol Theobald (Conservative)

Geoffrey Theobald (Conservative)

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Preston Park (three seats)

Electorate: 10,818

Turnout: 52.76%

Mike Jones (Green)

Amy Kennedy (Green)

Leo Littman (Green)

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Queen’s Park (three seats)

Electorate: 11,727

Turnout: 45.49%

Geoffrey Bowden (Green)

Ben Duncan (Green)

Stephanie Powell (Green)

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Regency (two seats)

Electorate: 7,946

Turnout: 38.91%

Ania Kitcat (Green)

Jason Kitcat (Green)

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Rottingdean coastal (three seats) Electorate - 10,732 (Turnout 46.52%)

Linda Hyde (Conservative)

Mary Mears (Conservative)

David Smith (Conservative

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South Portslade (two seats)

Electorate: 7,043

Turnout: 43.35%

Les Hamilton (Labour)

Alan Robins (Labour)

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St Peter’s & North Laine (three seats)

Electorate: 13,304

Turnout: 41.40%

Ian Davey (Green)

Lizzie Deane (Green)

Pete West (Green)

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Westbourne (two seats)

Electorate: 7,443

Turnout: 45.52%

Denise Cobb (Conservative)

Brian Oxley (Conservative)

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Wish (two seats)

Electorate: 6,990

Turnout: 51.10%

Anne Pissaridou (Labour)

Garry Peltzer Dunn (Conservative)

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Withdean (three seats)

Electorate: 10,887

Turnout: 50.95%

Ann Norman (Conservative)

Ken Norman (Conservative)

Sue Shanks (Green)

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Woodingdean (two seats)

Electorate: 7,370

Turnout: 42.73%

Dee Simson (Conservative)

Geoff Wells (Conservative)

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