Lists of contractors for Adult Social Care

List categories for adult social care contracts.

These lists are open by invitation only, either through a tendering process, or through a negotiated contract. They are only open to providers we intend to contract with, and who have gone through the Adult Social Care accreditation process.

For example the home care contracts are retendered every three years and new contractors invited to express an interest. If they win a contract they are included on the list.

The list categories are:

  • Carer support services
  • Cleaning providers
  • Day care
  • Home care
  • Community support
  • LD residential homes
  • Live-in home care
  • Older people - nursing and residential homes
  • Older people mental health - nursing and residential homes
  • Other support services
  • Physical disability and sensory loss
  • Under 65 mental health - residential homes

For further information about these lists please contact the Contracts Team Administrator on 01273 296 403.