Directorate plan 2023 to 2027

Corporate Plan outcomes 

Directorate vision

Directorate objectives 

1 . Work with council services, the NHS, voluntary sector, other city partners and local communities to enable residents to have the best opportunity to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life

2. Work together in neighbourhood teams to have accessible joined up services in order to maintain independence and prevent, reduce or delay needs for health and care services

3. Ensure people have access to information, advice, and the services that they need in order to receive the best outcomes

Ensure our practices are safe and effective in order to deliver high quality health and wellbeing outcomes

5. Invest in our workforce and ensure that we have sustainable and quality health and care provision in the city

6. Use digital, data and technology to improve the efficiency of how we work and the service we provide and increase the independence of customers through technology enabled care

7. Ensure the best use of financial resources to meet our statutory responsibilities

Health and Adult Social Care Corporate KPI’s

Health and Adult Social Care Budget

Health and Adult Social Care risks