Directorate plan 2023 to 2027

Corporate Plan outcomes

Directorate vision, mission and objectives

1. Develop, coordinate, and oversee implementation of effective policies, strategies, and partnerships

2. Enhance and protect the reputation of Brighton & Hove City Council, promoting it, its services and the principles that drive who we are to key stakeholders

4. Create a balanced Medium Term Financial Strategy and capital investment programme

5. Deliver effective governance and performance oversight

6. Initiate, deliver, and drive change to modernise Brighton & Hove City Council and improve service to customers

7. Develop and maintain an agreed plan for the provision of core technology and digital capabilities, and associated support, governance and engagement, to address council’s current needs and the strategic ambitions

8. Collaborate with stakeholders across Brighton & Hove City Council and community to develop and embed a people strategy aligned to the Corporate Plan, Directorate Plans and Brighton & Hove City Council’s Modernisation Programme

Governance, People and Resources corporate KPIs

Governance, People and Resources budget

ORBIS operational services budget

Governance, People & Resources risks