The BME Workers' Forum

The BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) Workers’ Forum represents BME council employees in the local authority.

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BME Workers’ Forum

Brighton & Hove City Council’s BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) Workers’ Forum is an organisation that represents BME council employees in the local authority. Our aim is to ensure that BME staff have access to equal opportunities and receive fair treatment. The forum holds yearly elections to elect a steering group, and  posts are open to all members. The steering group advocates on behalf of the forum, and will often solicit members’ views before proceeding with decisions.

The BMEWF is open to all council staff who self define as being from a minority ethnic group or background.

What does the BME Workers' Forum do?

Much of our work is internally-focussed, and revolves around offering BME staff development opportunities, creating networks of support and helping them with discrimination where it occurs. However we also look to involve the many diverse ethnic minority communities in the city in the council’s work.

Generally we aim to

  • Support personal development of members through training and empowerment opportunities
  • Facilitate the involvement of BME staff in consultations council policies - in particular employment and human resource issues
  • Provide a confidential Support Network for members and a safe environment in which concerns can be discussed and addressed
  • Increase awareness of BME cultures and issues among council employees and our city
  • Build relationships between members, the council and communities in the city through events, communications and joint work
  • Work with the LGBT Workers’ Forum, the Disabled Workers and Carers' Network, the Women's network and the Unions to jointly address issues that are of common interest to all
  • Keep members up to date through bulletins and wider newsletters

You can have a look at the work we have been involved with looking at Race Equality in Employment at Brighton & Hove City Council.

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