Working with Black and Racially Minoritised communities

As the majority of our councillors and staff are white we recognise there are perspectives, issues and needs that we don’t know, experience and see. Therefore the council must listen to the voices of Black and Racially Minoritised people in decisions and services that affect their lives. 

We are mindful that many Black and Racially Minoritised residents have already told us of the challenges and barriers they face and not enough action and change has taken place.

Black and Racially Minoritised community groups have worked with us through the Community Advisory Group to help directly shape our anti-racist strategy by advising on their lived experiences and diverse perspectives.

We will continue to work with our Black and Racially Minoritised staff, individual residents, community groups, other public service providers and employers to realise the goal of Brighton & Hove becoming an anti-racist city.

What we'll do

We will:

  • make sure a Black and Racially Minoritised representative sits on the council’s main decision-making committee (Policy & Resources)
  • create and deliver a civic leadership programme aimed at increasing participation in local decision making in under represented communities
  • establish a Community Advisory Group to shape the council’s anti-racism strategy 
  • improve our collaboration with Black and Racially Minoritised communities
  • resource Black and Racially Minoritised groups to have stronger voices and influence
  • educate councillors and officers on white privilege, language and structural racism