Culture, heritage and values

In Brighton & Hove, we’re currently reviewing all plaques, monuments, statues and street names on public land to make sure that we’re celebrating and remembering legacies that reflect our city’s values, and accurately understanding the city’s history.  

We will talk with our local Black and Racially Minoritised communities and historians to ensure we fully understand the history of our statues and street names and we’ll work collaboratively to commission new installations which celebrate our diverse community.

We must recognise that as a Georgian town our wealth and comfort is built on the sugar trade and enslavement. We pride ourselves on being a leading city on diversity and a place of sanctuary where people from all backgrounds can call home.

We can’t be blinkered to the fact that moving around the city our BME residents see memorials to historic racism and oppression. We will not sweep this under the carpet.

We need to recognise and educate ourselves and our visitors. As a major UK tourist destination, we can influence and educate many.
- Cllr Carmen Appich, Chair of the Tourism, Equality, Communities & Culture Committee, June 2020

What we'll do

We will:

  • work with Black and Racially Minoritised communities and groups to agree our approach to different statues, plaques and street names; removing some, retaining some and erecting educational information boards and walks
  • remove any statues or monuments from public view with clear and offensive associations with enslavement or plantations
  • celebrate and remember the legacies which fully reflect the city’s values and population through arts, culture and education