Staff emergency information - major incidents only

Information for Brighton & Hove City Council staff in the event of a major incident.


This information is for Brighton & Hove City Council staff only

Should a major incident occur in the city and you are not at work, you will probably first hear of it on the radio, television, telephone or internet. It may have affected where you work or your route to work.

What should you do?

In the first instance try to contact your place of work and seek advice from your manager or a colleague.

The council will also use these methods to advise you what to do:

  • Entries on this website
  • Entries on the intranet site 'The Wave', this can be accessed at by using your standard username, login and token code
  • Emails to staff
  • By activating the Staff Emergency Helpline (01273) 296688

This will not happen immediately, please allow some time for us to collate accurate information, and to decide the best course of action.

If 'The Wave' and this website are not working then the advice will be posted on the East Sussex County Council website.

What should I do in the interim?

Follow the basic emergency advice: 'Go in, stay in, tune in'.

  1. Go indoors, stay indoors and tune in to the local radio station of television.
  2. Make sure you are safe and that your family, and other members of your household, are OK.
  3. Make contact with close family and friends to tell them you are OK (they may try to report you as missing).
  4. If possible check on your neighbours, make sure they are OK.
  5. Then try and make contact with your place of work, check this website, or telephone the emergency helpline for information. (It may be that initially, only a taped message will be played giving basic information).

Please don't get annoyed if the person who answers the phone does not know the answer to your question. Those answering the phone will be council staff who have got in to work.

What to do next?

Take a few moments to plan what you are going to do.

It may be you will be working at a different building, it may be you will be asked to work different hours. Following a major incident the council will have a considerable amount of work to be done on top of the day job.

Prepare yourself by considering the following:

  • Charge your mobile and bring the charger
  • Eat or bring some food
  • Bring your credit/debit card and some cash
  • Bring additional clothing
  • Feed your pets 
  • Make sure the cooker and iron are off, and lock the house behind you

These seem silly but with additional pressures at work you won't want to worry about these as well.

Additional information

For further information contact the Civil Contingencies Team on (01273) 296699.