Severe weather

Where to find important information during sever weather.


Snow and ice

Find details of the council's winter maintenance services during periods of snow and ice.  Get advice on getting around in wintry conditions and information on what you can do to help.


Check our flooding page for information on how to report floods, what we do about flood risk and what you can do to protect your home.

See links below for information from the Environment Agency and Southern Water

  • Floodline - to sign up to receive text alerts of flood warnings
  • Flood Warnings - to check on warnings in place
  • Southern Water - is responsible for water supplies and sewers in Brighton & Hove - for water supply and sewer problems call 0845 278 0845 or to report leaks call 0800 820 999



The water companies produce drought plans to outline how water resources are managed in times of water shortage.  See the Southern Water Drought Plan for our area.

Find details of how you can save water at home.



A Heat-Health Watch system operates in England and Wales from 1 June to 15 September each year. View the Summer Health pages from the NHS for further information on heat, hayfever and keeping healthy during the summer.