Homelessness Scrutiny Review Panel (completed 2014)

Panel Summary

This Scrutiny Report on Homelessness considers all of those who experience homelessness in our city, and reflects the enormous complexity of the issue. Homelessness is a crisis which can impact people from all backgrounds and walks of life. For some it is temporary; friends and family help out, and they return to life in safe secure accommodation. For those hardest hit, who may also be suffering mental health problems or alcohol or substance misuse, homelessness can be debilitating. And, of course, there is a broad spectrum of challenges in between.

This complexity, particularly when presented most often with co-morbidities, presents the key challenge faced by all of those who support homeless people. It is a familiar problem; how do we improve co-working between the NHS, the Council’s many services and departments, landlords (private and local authority), employment services and not-for profit entities and charities?

It was clear to the panel that there is much excellent practice in the city, but it would be fair to say there are also opportunities for better working together, and improved, tailored service provision. The Panel consulted widely across public sector, Council and charity and not for profit organisations who support homeless people in our city.

Panel Members

  • Councillor Andrew Wealls (Chair)
  • Councillor Alan Robins
  • Councillor Ollie Sykes

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