Alcohol (completed 2014)

Panel Summary

The has been a lot of discussion about alcohol in Brighton & Hove already including the Intelligent Commissioning work and the Big Alcohol Debate. The Alcohol Programme Board meets regularly to bring together key public and private sector colleagues in the city on a range of alcohol related issues including addressing the city’s drinking culture, the availability of alcohol, the night time economy and treatment for people with drinking problems.  The Alcohol Programme Board has come up with a range of action plans and recommendations for further development. However a number of areas had not been fully explored, and it was suggested that these were areas that a scrutiny panel could usefully look at.

 These were alcohol-free events; responsible retailing and promoting responsible drinking. The first panel meeting looked at the role of alcohol-free events and led into a discussion with members of the Alcohol Programme Board about responsible retailing. The second scrutiny meeting was an opportunity to review the Statement of Licensing Policy. In the third meeting, panel members met with both universities to talk about responsible drinking and how this is promoted amongst the student population.

Panel Members

  • Councillor Lizzie Deane (Chair)
  • Councillor Mo Marsh
  • Councillor Dee Simson

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