Services provided

2020/21 Total Budget

£777.6m (+ £13.7m)

Schools and education

£204.4m (+ £12.4m)

Housing benefit

£102.9m (+ £17.7m)

Adult social care

£139.1m (+ £7.5m)


£68m (+ £6m)

Other children's services

£62.2m (+ £2.6m)

Cost of funding capital investment programme

£42.3m (+/- £0.0m)

Highways and traffic management

£38.9m (+ £1.1m)

Refuse collection, disposal and recycling

£27.8m (+ £1.6m)

Central services

£22.5m (- £1.4m)

Libraries, museums and tourism

£22.1m (+ £0.6m)

Public health

£20.3m (- £0.2m)

Planning and economic development

£11.6m (+ £0.7m)

Leisure, parks and open spaces

£8.3m (+ £0.2m)

Public safety

£7.2m (+ £0.3m)