About our spend tables

What information our spend tables include.

These searchable tables list all the payments over £250 made by the council in a particular month and over £500 prior to April 2013

They include:

  • payments to suppliers for works, supplies and services
  • grants to voluntary organisations
  • payments to individuals
  • payments to 'Imprest Accounts' (similar to petty cash accounts)

They do not include:

  • wage payments to staff
  • housing benefit payments
  • refunds of overpayments to the council
  • distribution of Government funds to other organisations

Payments to individuals

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and to protect personal information, we have replaced individuals' names with the words 'Payment to Individual'.  This does not apply to organisations who have someone's name in their title, for example 'Joe Blogg's Car Hire Ltd.'

Data Analysis

With each payment line, we've included extra information about the payments.

The Service Label and Service Division Label tell you which part of the council made the payment.

The Expenditure Category and CIPFA Detailed Expenditure Type tell you the type of thing we bought.  These all have codes in our system, which we have published as well.

Transaction numbers

Each payment has its own unique transaction number.  However, a transaction number might be repeated.  This will happen if the payment was for works, supplies or services that fit under more than one expenditure category, or if the payment came from the budget of more than one section of the council.


This data is published in accordance with the Open Government Licence, which can be found at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/

About the data

Brighton & Hove City Council use Authority Financials, a Civica product, as their accounts system.

The purchase categorisation we've used follows the CIPFA BVACOP analysis for local authorities.

This Data has been produced in accordance with the guidelines on data transparency provided by the Local Government Group.  Further information can be found here: http://lgtransparency.readandcomment.com.