Our 6 organisational values and what they mean.

Our values and behaviours

With support from the organisation and from their managers, all council officers are expected to give their personal best for our customers, citizens and for the city. To ensure that everyone is able to understand what this means, our employees created and agreed six organisational values. Our values describe the qualities every officer is expected to demonstrate when carrying out their job and our behaviours describe how we expect staff to behave.



Work together and contribute to the creation of helpful and successful teams and partnerships across the council and beyond


Work in a way that makes the best and most sustainable use of our resources, always looking at alternative ways of getting stuff done and asking "how can I improve that?"


Embrace diversity with kindness and consideration and recognise the value of everyone 


Share and communicate with honesty about our service and ourselves, whenever appropriate


Have ideas that challenge the 'tried and tested', use evidence of what works, listen to feedback and come up with different solutions 

Customer focus

Adopt our customer promise for colleagues, partners, members and customers. We will:

  • be easy to reach 
  • be clear
  • treat you with respect
  • listen and act to get things done

Our values shape the way council officers review their own conduct and the performance of others. Each member of staff has a Performance and Development Plan which sets out their current work objectives so that they, their manager and the organisation are clear on what they are being asked to achieve and that they have the relevant training and support not only to do this, but also to develop as people and professionals. We believe strongly in a motivated workforce that feels ownership for their individual roles and wider aims of the organisation.

We also have additional guidance for members of our leadership and management teams in order to meet our performance and accountability aims:

  • leading and managing teams – building strong and resilient teams
  • leading and managing services – working as one big team delivering the council’s priorities

View our corporate plan.