Approved lists for works contracts

How we select building contractors using the ConstructionLine database.

The council is now using ConstructionLine, a database of pre-qualified building contractors set up by the government, for its approved lists for works.

Small works under £25k
Small works lists are produced every quarter by the Property & Design team.  All these contractors are local to Brighton & Hove, and have had their Health & Safety accreditation checked.  To add your company to these lists contact Property & Design on 01273 291 462.

Works contracts £25k - £75k
The council's Property & Design team use a list of 400 local contractors set up within  the ConstructionLine database.  ConstructionLine will randomly select companies to be invited to tender, based on the type of work required.

Works contracts £75k - £3m
The same process is followed, but contractors are shortlisted from a nationwide list, then emailed to confirm their interest in tendering.

Works contracts over the EU threshold ( currently £3,927,260)
These are subject to EU regulations, and advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Register with ConstructionLine: please follow this link to the ConstructionLine website to register.

For more information contact Property & Design on 01273 291 463.