Go to a full council or committee meeting

Find out how you can attend and get involved in a council meeting.

To raise an issue at a council meeting, you can

  • ask a question
  • present a petition​​
  • make a speech (also called a deputation)

We operate hybrid meeting arrangements. You can join virtually through an online meeting platform (such as Microsoft Teams) and have your say.

To take part you will need to let us know in advance and follow the set rules. You can find the right contact details for each meeting in the agenda. 

If you are unsure how the system works or feel that you need a confidence boost before taking that first step, you can also watch live video of council meetings or catch up after the meeting.

How to take part in a council meeting

We want council meetings to be accessible and welcoming for all. If you’re taking part in a council meeting we recommend you join in-person.

Please let us know in advance if you have any accessibility needs when attending in person.

You can also take part remotely through your personal device such as a computer or mobile phone. Please test your device before you join the meeting.

Unfortunately, when taking part remotely, there can be difficulties with technology. Should there be a fault we will try and accommodate you elsewhere in the meeting. If this is not possible we will provide a written response after the meeting.

Choose which council meeting to go to

Have a look at our committee work programme to find out which council meeting is right for the issue you're interested in or contact our democratic services team.

If you would like to support or object to a planning application at Planning Committee there is a separate process.

Watch a council meeting

All council meetings are held in public and you’re always welcome to come along and watch. There's space set aside in meetings for journalists and members of the public.

  • there may be security guards and bag checks for some meetings
  • we ask journalists to make sure they have their credentials with them
  • you may need to leave while a confidential issue is discussed. This will be clearly identified on the agenda

You can also watch live or recorded video of council meetings.

What you can do in a meeting

Ask a question 

  • questions can be up to 100 words long 
  • your question has to be about something we can act on
  • you need to tell us you want to ask a question by midday 4 working days before the meeting

Make a speech 

A speech at a council meeting is sometimes called a deputation.

  • your speech can be up to 5 minutes long
  • it should be supported by at least 5 people with one spokesperson
  • you need to tell us that you want to make a deputation by midday 4 working days before the meeting

Read our guidance on asking a question or making a speech at a council meeting.

You can also present a petition at a council meeting.

The constitution

Part 8.9 of our constitution provides the process for public involvement in council meetings.