Public transport

The council’s Public Health team have been advising public transport providers in the city on how they can effectively manage and reduce the risk of illnesses spreading.

Staff have been given information and advice on how they can take the same precautions as the public in reducing the spread of illnesses. Buses and taxis are regularly cleaned.

The council will continue to support our public transport providers.

Find guidance for staff in the transport sector.

BTN BikeShare

The cleaning of BTN BikeShare bikes in Brighton & Hove is being significantly increased to help minimise any possible spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Following advice from the city’s public health team a team will be working on the scheme’s five busiest days of the week to support the regular cleaning, disinfecting, tidying and lubricating of the scheme’s 600 bikes at all 69 hubs in the city.  This is in addition to the existing cleaning and maintenance.

Priority will be given to the busiest hubs and at least three temporary hubs set up to support NHS workers using BTN BikeShare during the pandemic.  Teams will pay particular attention to the bikes’ contact points, including the handlebars and grips, saddle, keypad and u-bar lock.

Customers are also being encouraged to wear appropriate gloves if they wish to, avoid touching their faces or eyes while riding, and to wash their hands thoroughly before and after use.  Riders should practice social distancing from pedestrians and others on shared routes and cycle lanes.

BTN BikeSharefree for NHS workers during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

BTN BikeShare is being made available for free to NHS staff working in Brighton & Hove during the coronavirus pandemic.

Annual memberships, which include 30 minutes of free travel and no unlock fees, are also being offered to care contractor staff working for Brighton & Hove City Council.  These key workers offer support and care to some of the vulnerable people living in the city.

Eligible NHS workers should contact their site travel coordinator for information on how to take up this offer.  Care contractor staff working for Brighton & Hove City Council should contact their company travel coordinator.

Travel help for people looking for work

If you live in Portslade, Hove, central or east Brighton and are currently looking for work, we can support you with your travel. This includes up to £300 worth while looking for work and when you find a job. We can help:

  • Fix your current bike or help you buy one
  • Pay bus or train costs in your first month of paid work

For more information, send your postcode to:


phone: 07876 394 865

This offer ends February 2021.


From Monday 1 June, Brighton & Hove Buses will increase further in response to easing of movement restrictions and more people returning to work. You can view their new timetables on their website.

Passengers are being asked to follow travel guidance and, if possible, use contactless forms of payment or carry exact change.

We are accepting Older Person's and Disabled Person's concessionary passes for travel 24 hours a day. This is to support our passengers who may need to get to the shops early to buy essential supplies.


Find the latest advice and information from Southern Railway

The situation is changing all the time and transport providers are advised to check information on the government website is the latest update available. 

Download Public Health England's hand washing technique poster.

What to do if you become unwell on public transport

  1. Go back to your home or place of residence immediately
  2. Try to avoid close contact with other people and touch objects and surfaces as little as possible
  3. Follow advice on self-isolation (staying at home) if symptoms are mild or call NHS 111 if symptoms are severe

Public spaces

You should make sure you are following the latest government guidance on when to self isolate (stay at home) to help to prevent the virus spreading. 

What to do if you become unwell in a public space

If you become unwell with possible coronavirus when you're out and about, do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

Follow advice on self-isolation (staying at home) if symptoms are mild or call NHS 111 if symptoms are severe

You can find the answers to more common questions about Coronavirus from NHS.UK.

Wellbeing in public spaces

We understand that some people may be concerned about being in public spaces where people who have been confirmed of having COVID-19 have been. Public Health England are taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of illness.