Contact the Carers Hub

If you are an unpaid carer for family members or friends, you can contact the The Carers Hub (on 01273 977 000) to access a range of support and information from our dedicated advice and assessment support services. 

What support the Carers Hub can offer for you

The Carers Hub is a partnership between:

  • the Carers Centre
  • Crossroads Care
  • Alzheimer’s Society,
  • Brighton & Hove City Council Carers Assessment Workers (CAWs)

who are ensuring that the vital role carers provide is recognised and supported during this difficult time.

We are proactively contacting carers known to our services and completing a Covid-19 Carers At-Risk Screening Tool, covering key areas, including contingency planning.

Following this the carer, if necessary, is referred onto the appropriate services, including further assessment from the Health & Adult Social Care (HASC) Carers Assessment Workers (CAWs), and can receive regular ‘welfare calls’.

The Carers Hub has refocused their activities to provide four key functions:

  • Connecting carers to key services, including access to Food, Medication, Personal Protective Equipment, support services for the person they care for.
  • Signposting to up to date guidance.
  • Contingency planning which focuses on carers accessing informal networks within their plans, with options for formal services to provide support when necessary.
  • Virtual support emotional and wellbeing support online and over the phone, as well as through a number of emerging virtual support groups.

Support for carers from Brighton & Hove City Council

We are continuing to offer Carers Assessments and have created a bespoke assessment that reflects the emerging issues around caring during the COVID-19 restrictions, and we will also ensure that carers receive an opportunity to review and update their assessment in the future.

Other services that we are providing for carers include:

  • respite options
  • carers personal budgets
  • contingency planning
  • the carers card - discount card
  • the carers digital offer
  • employers for carers digital resources. 

We also locally provide a Carers Emergency Back Up Scheme, which supports carers to develop contingency plans for if they are unable to provide care.

The new National government guidance regarding Covid-19 stresses the need for carers to have contingency plans and the importance of supporting carers.

Looking after someone with health conditions during COVID-19

If you are looking after a friend or relative and they need to go into hospital or a care home, or need extra care at home, guidance is available to help you to know what to expect.

The information covers:

  • safety of hospital admission
  • what to take and why, especially if visits are not possible or restricted
  • special diets, cultural, or religious considerations
  • communication and advocating about medical care in advance
  • deciding when to look after someone at home
  • the practical, emotional, and pastoral support available
  • what to do if someone dies

Find information on looking after someone with health conditions during COVID-19.

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