Applications for business support grants

Business grants during lockdown and Tier 4 restrictions

The council has set up one application portal for businesses to apply for the grants they are entitled to.

You only need to apply once.

This application will be used to work out all your grant entitlements from 1 November onwards.

If you haven’t applied yet for a grant, you can still apply for the grants listed below. There is a closing date of 31 January for the Christmas Support Payment (for eligible pubs) and the November lockdown grants.


Many businesses have already successfully applied and have received a payment for the second lockdown period in November 2020 and will shortly receive further payments to support them through the tier 2, tier 4 and third lockdown up to 15 February 2021. If you've already applied there is no need to contact us again unless we contact you and ask you to do so.

We're making payments throughout January with the aim to be up to date with payments by the end of the month.

Who can apply

We’ve summarised the different grants that are available below. There are more details about each grant in the applicants guide. If you're not sure whether you should receive a grant, please apply and we'll assess your claim. From this one application we'll work out what you are entitled to.

There is a closing date of 31 January 2021 for the main grants for the second lockdown period (5 November to 1 December) and the Christmas Support Grant. So please don’t delay or you may miss out on some of the money you are entitled to.

Encouraging businesses to apply

We've emailed over 3,000 businesses that are likely to be eligible for at least one of the grants, but we also know many other businesses are entitled to a grant. Please read the information on this page even if we haven't contacted you.

We understand that the range of grants can be confusing. 

We've created a guide to help businesses understand what may be available. 

Read the full guidance to help you correctly fill in the application so we can work out the grant, or combinations of grants you are entitled to and make payment as soon as possible.

Local Restriction Support Grant (Sector)

This grant is available from 1 November and is for businesses that have been fully closed since 23 March 2020, such as nightclubs.

From 5 November 2020 to 1 December 2020 – second lockdown

Many businesses had their trade restricted during this period.

The main government grant during this period is for businesses who pay business rates and is called the Local Restriction Support Grant (closed). Despite the title, you can get an award even if your business was not fully closed, so please read the guidance. If you are not sure, please make an application and we will do the rest and assess your claim.

A full 4 week payment will be made for this period even though it was only 27 days.

In addition to the ‘closed’ grant the council has a discretionary grant called the Additional Restricted Grant. 

For the lockdown period, this grant is mostly being used to support businesses that are not eligible for the ‘closed grant’ because they don’t pay business rates but have similar circumstances. Businesses that don’t have a business premises or who pay business rates to a landlord can also apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant.

Some rate paying  businesses who just miss out on qualifying for a ‘closed’ grant despite suffering hardship may also receive support.

Tier 2 from 2 to 25 December 2020 

Most retail businesses started trading more fully and were no longer entitled to a ‘closed’ grant. However, many businesses in hospitality, accommodation and leisure will be entitled to a Local Restriction Support Grant (open) to support them for this period.

Some business, such as bars and pubs not serving food, that are unable to open because of the tier 2 restrictions may still be entitled to ‘closed’ grant awards.

Additionally the government is now providing a one off Christmas Support Payment to eligible pubs and bars. You'll need to have completed the main application before you can apply for this. 

You can then log in again to complete a Wet Pub form.

We've decided to spend more of our discretionary funds during this period. Businesses will receive a local ‘top up’ to the government grants. We've also decided to spend more of our discretionary Additional Restriction Grant on local ‘top up’ grants for businesses on top of the government grants.

Tier 4 from 26 December

In tier 4, hospitality, leisure, accommodation and tourism businesses, non-essential retail and beauty service businesses were required to close.

This is the same set of businesses that had to close during the lockdown between 5 November and 1 December 2020.

Businesses that have successfully applied for LRSG (closed) grants for the second lockdown period will receive the same payment level pro rata during tier 4.

Third lockdown from 5 January 2021

The payments in tier 4 will continue in lockdown. We intend to make payments every 4 weeks. At the moment we're allowed to make payments up until 15 February 2021. 

On 5 January the government announced a new ‘Closed Business Lockdown Payment’ for this period.   

This will be an additional one-off amount on top of  the LRSG (closed) payments.

We'll also receive extra funding for our discretionary Additional Restriction Grant. We're committed to supporting businesses as effectively as possible and are currently considering how we can distribute additional awards now that the city is in the third lockdown.

Get more advice before you apply

For more information on what grants are available, go to our frequently asked questions page

How to apply

You only need to make one main application. 

If you are applying for a Christmas Support Payment you'll also need to answer a small number of extra questions. To do this, log into MyAccount again and add a Wet Pub form to your existing application. 

Please read the applicant’s guide before you start.

You only need to make one application. 

This will help you provide us with the right information. It includes details about which documents you need to complete the form.

You will not be able to save and return to your main application once you have started.

When you complete your application, you will be given a reference number. This confirms that we have received your application and that it will be reviewed. Please keep a note of the reference number.

When you have read the applicant's guide and are ready, please fill in the online application form.

Apply now

Previous support for small businesses

We have distributed more than £69 million in small business grants to over 5,100 businesses in Brighton & Hove. Around 300 businesses not eligible for these have also benefited from discretionary grants of up to £25,000.

In addition, 2,700 businesses will not have to pay business rates this financial year. This amounts to £68 million of rates that local businesses will not have to pay and provides significant direct support for small businesses in the city.

Please contact us if you are a business rates payer in the retail sector and believe you have not yet been recognised as being entitled to retail relief.

Business rates enquiries

View our business rates pages to make an enquiry about business rates.

To help us follow up your enquiry more quickly, please include your Business Rates account number, if you have one.  This is the 8-digit number on the top right of your Business Rates bill.

Other support for business

Check government support for businesses on GOV.UK.

Use the business support finder to see what is available for your business.

Find out more about Coronavirus Job Retention (furlough) Scheme, and income support for self-employed people.

We have more information for retail and hospitality businesses and cultural sector and tourism on the Coronavirus section of our website.

VisitBrighton has created a business support hub for local businesses.

CoasttoCapital is a resource for businesses in our region.

The Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership would like to hear from businesses about their concerns so they can share with local and national government.

Keeping safe

Find advice on cleaning and disinfection for businesses. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health have made a video guide to hand washing.

Businesses can also download and print a coronavirus poster to display within their work spaces.

All businesses must put controls in place and ensure staff and customers keep to physical distancing of at least two metres between each person.

The government has issued guidance to assist employers and businesses about how to work safely in different types of businesses.

Beware of scams

There are scams involving emails appearing to come from GOV.UK about government business grants.

If you receive an email like this please delete it and do not reply.

Emails from the council will be sent from an '' address. Do not respond to any emails that do not have such an address.