The challenge has never been greater for our council, as we work on the front line of the city’s response to COVID-19. Staff across the council have made the city proud by taking up the opportunities from our deployment scheme, and being deployed to other critical services.

Below are some examples of the work that the council has been able to do, thanks to staff voluntarily moving to support other council services.

PPE distribution

The deployment team have matched 13 deployees from across the council to the PPE distribution team. This is a new voluntary role that has emerged from the Covid-19 programme team.

The role involves receiving orders, managing stock and arranging deliveries of PPE to council services. As demand increases, numbers in this team are also increasing so we are continually looking for matches.

Care home support

The deployment team have matched three deployees to this voluntary role within the Learning Disability team. The deployees are helping to undertake the shopping for the various provider services which then frees up managers and care staff within the homes to focus on care provision.

Adult social care advice and referral

16 deployees have been placed at Barts House to help Adult Social Care’s Access Point provide telephone advice, support and referrals for those who need essential help because of Covid-19.


A deployee has been placed at Wayfield Avenue to do some gardening and clear the outside space to allow residents to go outside safely.

Get deployed

Thank you to all the deployed staff and for the deployment team and other supporting staff who have helped make this happen. We'll be sharing more staff stories about their experience.

If you’re interested in the opportunities available through deployment or want to support the council’s COVID-19 response find out more information here.