HELP Employee Assistance

A freephone confidential counselling, information and advice service for all staff is provided by HELP Employee Assistance. 

To access the service:

This service is available 24 hours a day/365 days of the year to all staff. Schools are required to buy this service under the Services for Schools agreement. To find out if your school has opted in, please contact Occupational Health on 01273 291647.

HELP Employee Assistance staff have been trained to support those with protected characteristics as identified under the Equality Act.

What kind of support is available?

Your counsellor will agree with you what support you need. This may include up to six face to face counselling sessions and information about other organisations who could provide specialist support.

The service is also available to immediate family members as part of counselling for couples or families. Counselling, legal, financial information and advice services will not be directly available to immediate family members. While HELP Employee Assistance do not provide counselling for children under the age of 18, the counsellors will be able to discuss appropriate support for your child/children and signpost you in the right direction.

Changes to services during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Telephone counselling or online CBT will be offered as the default counselling option during the Covid-19 crisis. These methods of counselling are equivalent in terms of clinical outcomes to face to face counselling
  • staff part way through face to face counselling will be contacted by their counsellor to arrange for their counselling to continue via telephone 
  • where staff choose to not have the offer of telephone or online counselling, they will be directed to alternative sources of support. However, please note that most other organisations offering counselling are adopting a similar approach at this time
  • if onsite group counselling is required, these situations will be risk assessed, subject to screening protocols to determine the most appropriate alternative approach to delivery. 

Critical incident debriefing and group counselling

To access critical incident debriefing and group counselling services, please contact Alison Moore on 01273 291647. This support can be purchased when required in addition to the free support outlined above.