Council managers should consider enabling opportunities for volunteers to support their service. For volunteering to be a successful and rewarding experience for both parties, the following should be considered:

  • Volunteering is not one-sided - there should be a recognition that there are mutual benefits to be had between the volunteer and the organisation
  • Taking part in volunteering should be a choice – volunteering is an activity that is freely entered into and does not have conditions attached
  • Volunteers should be recognised and rewarded for their time and commitment – volunteers give their time freely and because they choose to, however a thank you in some form is both appreciated and critical to maintaining good relationships and retention
  • Recognition of the benefits of having a diverse volunteer base and proactively work towards increasing levels of the diversity – diversity brings in new skills, experience and builds relationships and inclusion
  • Volunteering opportunities should are not a substitute for paid employment –volunteering should be genuine and should not be in competition with paid work. Volunteering adds additional value to services and activities

If your service has a need for volunteers please complete this voluntary job details form.

If you are currently or planning to work with volunteers please read our guide for working with volunteers and use the induction checklist.