Coronavirus (Covid-19): Fire safety in council buildings

Staff may be asked to avoid going to their normal place of work in favour of working at home or in other locations in response to Covid-19 arrangements.

This may mean that the Fire Warden system will not be as efficient with existing Fire Wardens being out of their usual workplace.

To cover this the advice is as follows. With immediate effect:

  • If you are a Fire Warden and are in your usual place of work please carry out a sweep of your area and report to the Evacuation Controller as usual
  • all staff should familiarise themselves with their location in the building they are working in.  Particularly make a note of the Zone they are part of
  • all staff must react to any fire alarm activation in the normal way – Leave the building by the nearest available exit and report to the assembly point for the building
  • all Mangers and staff must check the area they are working in to ensure everyone has left/is leaving
  • staff must then report the situation from their part of the building to the evacuation controller. It does not matter how many staff do this
  • where possible gather with your team at the evacuation point to account for colleagues and report to the Evacuation Controller anyone you know to be missing.