Can you support another service?

Local government is proving how adaptable it can be in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and we're all united in the response against Covid-19.

To ensure we're pulling together to use our staff and resources in the most effective way possible, we've developed a new deployment procedure.

We're asking for staff who are willing and able to work flexibly to volunteer for deployment to a different service and join the response.

This does not include those staff who have already been identified as a 'key worker' - if you're unsure of whether or not you're a key worker, please ask your line manager.

Services that need your help

Services that currently need your support include:

  • Health & Adult Social Care services including Care Link, Access Point, residential providers and home care support
  • Cityclean
  • Bereavement services
  • IT & Digital
  • Customer services.

There are many more services that will need additional support. If you're interested in finding out more, please volunteer and our HR consultants will share a list of available jobs and support with job matching.

Experience and pay

You won't be expected to already be a professional in the area you're choosing to volunteer for, and you won't see a reduction in your usual pay.

If you do a job that is graded higher than your usual role, you'll receive the higher level of pay, and if you move to a role that is considered a 'key worker' you'll be able to access school for your children.

How to sign up

Please read our deployment guidance for managers and staff which should answer many of the initial questions you might have. This includes HR contacts for each directorate.

If you want the opportunity to volunteer and support another service, please complete the expression of interest form for staff.
Managers who need to open up their teams to deployment should complete the job detail form.