The Emergency Planning & Resilience Team co-ordinate the internal business continuity arrangements within the council.

What is it?

Briefly, the objective of business continuity planning is to:

  • minimise disruption to services during an incident
  • ensure continuation of critical services at an acceptable level
  • resume full services as soon as possible after the incident.

Why do we need to do it?

Although it is a statutory requirement for all local authorities to have Business Continuity Plans, it is also good business sense to pre-prepare for incidents which are likely to affect us.

Business Continuity arrangements for the council

We have reviewed the structure for business continuity planning for the council to align with ISO standard 23001.
Each service should produce a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and then review it every September. All plans should be signed off by the Head of Service.
We report regularly to each Directorate Management Team on the status of plans and business continuity arrangements.
The Business Continuity Policy was approved by ELT in January 2016.
The Business Continuity Suite at New England House is equipped with 22 desks which can be set up for use as temporary accommodation. For more information please contact the Team.
The revised Corporate Business Continuity Plan will be available shortly and can be used for guidance to complete your own plan. It contains information on corporate priorities and specific plans.

What should we plan for?

Common business continuity incidents are:

  • staff shortages
  • loss of access to premises or equipment
  • technological failures - IT systems including communications and data; power and lighting
  • loss of a major supplier or contractor

 Your BCP should detail how you will maintain your service during these incidents, and any other service-specific risks you need to consider, including your fuel resilience.

BCPs should be completed using the corporate template and accompanying guidance. Please contact Emergency Planning & Resilience for the latest version.

For assistance with completing your BCP, please contact the Emergency Planning & Resilience Team.
An elearning package on business continuity is available on the learning gateway.