You can borrow equipment and furniture from offices for home use, but any requests should be accompanied by a DSE assessment confirming the need.

If you need to borrow equipment, please speak to your manager in the first instance. Your manager should then email

Your DSE assessment should consider whether the equipment you want to borrow from the office is suitable for working at home. It may be that alternative equipment is more appropriate for a home environment.

If the DSE assessment recommends equipment that isn't available to borrow from the team office area, then this will need to be purchased by the service.

If the furniture or equipment is to be borrowed by an individual for a long time (ie beyond COVID-19 related restrictions on office space), then the service will be required to replace the item so that their team area is fully stocked.

Services should use their usual budget code along with the new classification code COVIDSE for any related purchases so that spend can be monitored.

Further guidance

For further guidance on DSE equipment and working from home: